My journey of belling the CAT and knocking the doors of IIM Raipur

This story begins in 2013 when I was about to finish my Bachelors in Engineering from M.S.Ramaiah Institute of Technology, Bangalore which is one of the top 4 engineering colleges in Karnataka. I was in the final year and as it happens with most of the students in India, I did not have any idea as to why I was doing engineering. (We do engineering and then think about what we want to become in life) The below pic summarizes the idea.

what an Engineer thinks after completing Engineering

Post Engineering Dilemmas

My choice of higher studies

By the end of final year most of my friends had planned for higher studies particularly M.S in USA. I did not have any specific interest in coding and programming roles and hence M.S was not enticing for me. I had a slightly different plan. I wanted to do an MBA from an IIM. After finishing engineering I joined Cognizant with a plan to study post working hours. I joined T.I.M.E. coaching center for my  CAT preparation and it helped me a lot in getting my basics right and going to the classes every weekend gave me the sense of competition around me. It was not easy given that I had the luck of getting projects one after another without a break which for me was proving tough to balance work and studies. Continue reading